We are confident that we can offer a range of expert services to enable you to achieve the right education and better outcomes for your child or young person.

We are delighted to offer all new clients a free 30 minute. initial telephone consultation. Following your telephone consultation, you may wish to instruct us to act on your behalf without a case review. This is likely to be appropriate if you have a right of appeal to the SEND Tribunal where the case work is done for a capped fee. Alternatively, we can carry out a case review.

Case review

The cost to complete the case review is a fixed fee of £150

A case review is a one off piece of work where we provide a comprehensive overview and detailed advice on your case providing you with a clear idea of your next course of action is. A case review will be necessary for parents who are not in a Tribunal situation. As part of the case review we will ask you to supply us with all the relevant documentation regarding your child or young person. This will be discussed during the initial telephone conversation. We will review the documentation and will produce written advice and a summary which will cover the following points:
  • Comments on the documentation
  • Strengths and weaknesses of any evidence you currently have and how this can be improved
  • Realistic analysis of what can and cannot be achieved
  • Likely costs involved
  • Next steps and actions which can be taken
On completion of the case review it is entirely up to you whether you wish for us to assist you further with your case. There is absolutely no obligation on you to do so. If you decide you do want our help, we will be very happy to work on your case. This work will be charged at our hourly rate detailed on our costs page.
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Advice and services outside of SEND Tribunal appeals

For parents who are not in a SEND Tribunal situation, we can offer ongoing advice through telephone, email or face to face.

We can advise on the following issues:

  • EHC needs assessment
  • Responding to a draft EHC plan if you are not sure whether it is adequate or what the sections of the EHC plan should contain
  • Checking an existing EHC plan to make sure it is fit for purpose and what can be done to achieve a better EHC plan
  • Advice, preparation and support throughout the annual review process
  • School placement and moving to a different placement
  • Letter writing on behalf of parents
  • Advice and support in mediation
  • School exclusion
  • Home to school transport

This work will be charged at our hourly rate detailed on our costs page.

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SEND Tribunal appeals

We also offer a very reasonable SEND Tribunal service package on a capped fee basis which includes preparing the appeal application and liaising with schools, witnesses, local authorities and communicating with the SEND Tribunal. If the appeal does not settle through negotiation, representation at the SEND Tribunal hearing is available for an additional fee.

Our costs page contains all the relevant fees.

We know that this can be a very challenging time for many parents and we can offer advice, support and understanding to help you navigate the process.

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We also provide expert training. The training we offer is designed to empower parents so they know the law; can apply the law and most importantly; achieve better outcomes for their children and young people. Please visit our training page for further information.